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Avoncrop Amenity Products was formed as a Partnership Company in 1990. Set up as a
supplier of specialist turf management products and services to the amenity sector, it
became a Limited Company in 2001.

Initially based in Sandford, North Somerset, the company expanded rapidly and opened
a second site in Bracknell, Berkshire in 1993. From an original team of 10, Avoncrop
Amenity Products now has a total staff of 28, made up of technical sales specialists,
management and support staff.

Our commitment to quality and product innovation led to the launch of our own range
of exclusive turf management products – the Award range. Designed to the highest
specification and using the best ingredients, the unique formulas cover a range of
products including granular and liquid fertilisers, seaweeds, irons and wetting agents.
The Award range is of the highest quality and gives unrivalled performance in the
amenity sector.

In 2004, we were accredited with The Royal Warrant, recognising us as a supplier of
horticultural products to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second.

As a family-run business, we recognise the importance of building long-term customer
relationships and endeavour to give our customers exactly what they need, when they
need it. By continuously reinvesting in our company, we have been able to focus on
offering the best products, price and service to those we do business with. As we look
to the future, we hope to continue being the supplier of choice to the amenity sector,
offering unparalleled expertise and a transparent selection of quality products.
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