Barenbrug Ultrafine 30 Grass Seed Mix

A 30% perennial ryegrass and 70% red fescue blend for fine turf. 

In the bag (Bag size 20kg)

  •  30% Barolympic Perennial Ryegrass 
  • 25% Viktorka Slender Creeping Red Fescue 
  • 25% Barpearl Slender Creeping Red Fescue 
  • 20% Bodega Chewings Red Fescue 

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A 30% perennial ryegrass and 70% red fescue blend for fine turf. 


Overseeding and construction of fine turf with moderate wear.

Features & Benefits

Including, Barolympic, the stand-out cultivar ryegrass for summer sports use, with the highest mean score in the entire publication and more than a full point clear of its nearest rival*. Barolympic is ranked #1 for pale colour and #2 for fineness of leaf*. This makes it exceptionally easy to blend in with other grass species, such as red fescue or annual meadowgrass. The red fescue cultivars Bodega, Viktorka and Barpearl are strong performers, ranked #11, #9 and #11 in their respective tables in the BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed 2023 booklet, and help to maintain outstanding aesthetics and density. 


  • Contains 30% Barolympic which has an outstanding mean score of 8.6*
  • Excellent combination of three fine fescue varieties 
  • Sowing Rate – 25-35g/m2
  • Oversowing Rate – 15-25g/m2
  • Sowing Depth – 8-12mm Below Thatch
  • Mowing Height – Down to 4mm
  • Pack Size: 20kg

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