Concentrated source of beneficial plant sugars and organic substances including amino and fulvic acids derived from vinasse.

Turfxtra RhizoBoost Overview

The process of photosynthesis is how turf will obtain the carbon needed to support healthy growth, with reserves building in the soil from exudates that allows microbial life the energy source to thrive and increase their populations. In the environment of intensively managed turf, regular mowing lowers the photosynthetic capacity and reduces the turf plants carbon production potential, with larger amounts of carbon required for recovery. The ability to optimise natural light for photosynthesis is further impacted by shade in the environments that many sports surfaces are managed.

The grass plant needs a root system that can supply the uptake of soil moisture and nutrients. There are many important interactions between micro-organisms and root systems, with microbes known to release plant growth hormones such as auxins, which stimulate root development better able to explore a larger area and utilise nutrients which would otherwise be wasted. Microbial populations in the soil are key to how organic matter is broken down and this can further help with nutrient recycling within the rootzone. A carbon restricted environment, that is intensively managed and still requires a quality sports surface, will be greatly advanced and benefit from regular applications of Turfxtra RhizoBoost.


• Acts as an excellent carbon food source and boosts the microbial population in the rootzone
• Increase in microbial population in the rootzone helps support nutrient availability to the turf
• Promotes root development for increased water uptake
• Increases supply of carbon in environments where this may be restricted due to shade or low heights of cut

Analysis & Application

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