Penetrant Wetting Agent and Microbial Enhancerto Accelerate Thatch Reduction.

Turfxtra Accelerate Overview

Speciality blend of penetrant wetting agent and microbial stimulant package, including trace elements and carbohydrates. Designed to regenerate the existing micro-organism populations, which in turn will aid the decomposition of organic matter (Thatch Layer). Will encourage new root growth by stimulating mycorrhizal fungi that live in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with the plant root system. Penetrant wetting agent will keep the playing surface firm and maintain correct air-to-water balance within the rootzone.


• Formulated all in one product – No part A & B tank mixing required
• Ideal partner to be tank mixed with other microbial products acts as a carrier into the rootzone
• Aids the recycling of nutrients which are unavailable to the plant within the organic matter
• Creates firm and consistent playing surfaces and maintains correct water-to-air ratio within the soil
• Encourages the natural break down of organic matter
• Can be used to alleviate the symptoms of black layer
• Situation led, flexible application rate

Carbohydrate Package – 11.25% carbohydrates (glucose, fructose and sucrose)

Sugars are the most important carbon and energy source for soil microorganisms. Glucose, fructose and sucrose within TurfXtra Accelerate are all different chain lengths of sugars which gives longevity as longer sugars chains take longer to be broken down by the microbes. The most important functions of sugars in soil is to maintain and stimulate microbial activities in the rhizosphere and leading to mobilization of nutrients by accelerated soil organic matter decomposition. This breakdown of the thatch layer also releases nutrients which become available to the plant, a process called nutrient recycling. Penetrant Wetting Agent – Co-formulated blend of polyethylene glycols Excess moisture retained in the thatch layer of the soil profile produces anaerobic conditions, which can limit the activity of thatch reduction microbes, as these microbes require oxygen. The penetrant wetting agent removes the excess water within the upper thatch layer, whilst maintaining the correct air-to-water ratio within the rootzone. The wetting agent within TurfXtra Accelerate will aid the solubilisation of any nutrients released as part of the thatch breakdown.

Plant-Derived Nutrient Package

  • TurfXtra Accelerate contains Calcium (0.175%), Magnesium (0.125%),
  • Phosphorous (0.025%), Potassium (0.875%) Cobalt, Copper, Iron,
  • Manganese, Zinc. (All Approx. 0.01%)

Analysis & Application

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