Concentrated liquid iron, and liquid iron plus potassium. The maximum concentrated liquid iron.

Ironmax & Ironmax +K Overview

Award IronMax is a complex iron and Award IronMax +K is a complex iron combined with liquid potash. They contain “Rootbooster”, a unique bio-stimulant which will promote root hair and rootmass. Both are formulated with a brand new surfactant to give rapid colour improvement to all turf surfaces, with the added benefits of short-term dew dispersal. They also contain six key ingredients which work in synergy to give outstanding results.


• 8% Fe Complex and Chelated iron formulation
• Rapid action
• Unique formulation including Rootbooster
• Effective in low soil temperatures
• No blackening of turf
• Can be taken up by both foliar and root modes of action

"Green Up"

Iron is an essential minor nutrient for the turf grass plant and is required for the synthesis of chlorophyll, giving the plant its natural dark green appearance. Iron is applied extensively for this purpose to “green up” the sward and for hardening turf to discourage disease. Iron is also used by enzymes to regulate transpiration in plants, which is a vital process for the plants movement of nutrients throughout the plant.

Both IronMax and IronMax +K can also be used as part of an integrated disease management approach to control fusarium (snow mould). They act by acidifying the stem base, reducing surface moisture and naturally hardening the plant to resist attack by fusarium.

Award Ironmax

Pack Size: 5 / 200LTR | 5LTR Pack Treats 2500m2


• Rapid action with excellent longevity (up to 6 weeks)
• Even more effective in cold weather, when grass growth is slow
• Surfactant / iron combination for dew dispersal and hardening to discourage fusarium patch disease
• Rootbooster promotes increased rootmass and root hair development by up to 22%, increasing the plants ability to take up water and nutrients
• Increased drought tolerance and improvement in wear capability
• Safe to operator – no hazard rating for COSHH assessment
• Will not alter acidity and thus worsen dry patch
• Complex iron suitable for use in acidic conditions
• Low sulphur content so will not interact with Black Layer
• Effective all year round especially in winter months
• Contains a micro nutrient package
• Will not harm grass seed when overseeding
• No wheel or footmarks

Award IronMax +K

(the same as IronMax plus 6% Potassium)

Pack Size: 5 / 200LTR / 5LTR Pack Treats 2500m2


• Helps rectify potassium deficiencies
• Strengthens cell walls increasing resistance to low temperatures
• Gives maximum hardening of turf
• Regulates the opening and closing of the stomata, which is required for efficient water use

Analysis & Application

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