Complete turf management solutions

Avoncrop Amenity Products offers its clients a complete turnkey solution from the point of consultation to total supply chain management. Each stage of our process gives you the reassurance needed to sustain your turf maintenance needs throughout the year.

Supply Chain Management

Avoncrop Amenity Products has partnered with a selection of leading turf management and sports equipment manufacturer, mixed with Avoncrops own Award and Aquaritin product range and exclusive products from the Award and Aquaritin range, we supply our clients with a diverse selection of products, readily available to dispatch.

Client Consultation

Avoncrop Amenity Products employs a team of fully qualified, fully trained turf experts who can advise you on the right product choice, the best way to use products and how to create sustainability using the right mix of turf management solutions.

Each of our experts has made it their life’s work to improve the quality of football pitches, golf courses, tennis courts, rugby pitches, bowls greens, cricket grounds, private estates and much more across the UK.

Our knowledge of sports playing surfaces is second to none and we strive to deliver innovative solutions through targeted research and the use of the latest technology to deliver upon and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Client Support System

Avoncrop Amenity Products provides as much documented support as possible to ensure our clients understand how to use our products, what safety considerations they should take, an understanding of how different solutions combine together, when to use certain products and what products they should use during different times of the year.

Safety data sheets can be viewed and downloaded to help instil confidence and knowledge in our clients.


When it comes to logistics, we strive to deliver a first-class service for our customers. From the moment you place your order, we ensure the products are picked, securely packed, palleted and placed on one of our fleet of delivery trucks or delivered by one of our logistic partners. We pride ourselves on getting your products to you within an agreed timeframe and ensuring we meet our customers’ expectations.

Where required, we will work with premier courier services to meet the demands of the business. These partnerships are with trusted brands in the transportation business that meet our high standards in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Quality Control

Here at Avoncrop Amenity Products, we pride ourselves on the products we offer our clients. We have researched our products to ensure you get the best choice possible from a diverse and versatile range.

Our selection process is based on decades of experience, knowledge and expertise from our team of experts, and combined with the client feedback we receive, our tried and tested methodology allows us to recommend multiple products that work well together to improve the outcome.

We are constantly looking for the latest innovations in turf maintenance and often provide well-researched cutting-edge solutions for the future care and improvement of your facility.

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