Introducing the Award Range

Available exclusively through Avoncrop Amenity Products as a unique family of premium products, designed specifically for the sports turf industry. The Award range covers an array of products including fine turf granular fertilisers, liquid fertilisers, liquid seaweed, wetting agents and plant health products.

Continued Investment

Continuing investment into the research and development of high-quality sports turf management products has enabled us to enhance and evolve existing products in the range, as well as create exciting new ones. This year sees Nutri-Pro, a range of advanced liquid and granular fertilisers designed to provide precise nutrition with some innovative additional benefits such as amino acids and trace elements. As with all of our Award products, Nutri-Pro uses the very best ingredients and formulations to ensure unparalleled performance.

In addition to these unique and high-performance products, Avoncrop Amenity Products offers exceptional service and customer support with experienced technical specialists who can advise on all aspects of turf maintenance nationwide.


A range of advanced liquid and granular fertilisers with innovative additional benefits.

The Nutri-Pro Fineturf range contains a combination of conventional release fertiliser with the addition of amino acids, trace elements and the unique Bovey Basin Lignite. The homogeneous 1-2 mm micro-granules each contain the same analysis, providing a uniform application and result.


• Advanced longevity and colour
• Increased nutrient performance
• Improves stress resistance and aids recovery
• Contains the necessary trace elements for healthy turf
• Prevents trace element deficiency
• Increased chlorophyll concentration leading to improved photosynthesis
• Will not produce growth flushes when applied
• Dust–free micro-granules for an accurate application

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Surf to Turf

A range of quality liquid seaweeds with nutrients.

All Surf to Turf liquids are extracted from the seaweed species Ascophyllum Nodosum, harvested from the Atlantic Ocean off South West Ireland, which is renowned for its pristine waters. Seaweed is rich in natural sustainable organic compounds, which help turf plants in a variety of ways.


• Increased concentration throughout the range
• Stimulates healthy turf throughout the season
• Aids better rooting, improving fertiliser uptake
• Promotes beneficial soil microbes, breaking down thatch faster
• Better turf colour without flush growth
• Safe and convenient to use on all types of turf
• Natural Gibberellins and Auxins stimulate deep rooting and compact growth
• Cytokinins increase plant metabolism and photosynthesis
• Betaines thicken and strengthen cell walls increasing wear and drought tolerance
• Natural source of trace elements and mineral salts
• Improved overall health, leading to better disease resistance
• Seaweed is also shown to help to alleviate the symptoms of nematode damage

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Osprey Active

A unique soil surfactant with the added benefit of increased stress resistance and root stimulation.

Osprey Active contains a surfactant blend designed to take both preventative and curative action. It also contains amino acids and rootbooster to further enhance performance.


• Concentrated soil surfactant with unparalleled curative and preventative properties
• Remains active after 30 days, unlike other wetting agents which typically lose their effectiveness
• Applies a full application of amino acids to prevent stress associated with heat and drought
• Contains rootbooster to increase the plants water holding capacity
• Uniform wetting of the rootzone to provide the perfect balance of water to air ratio
• Increased rate of photosynthesis
• Improved seed germination, root development and vigour
• Ideal for links courses as amino acids will help the plant cope with salinity problems
• Exceptional turf safety, non-scorch
• Dew dispersal post application
• Tank mixing options available with the Award range (see the tank mixing compatibility chart on page 31 of the downloadable catalogue)

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Ironmax & Ironmax +K

Concentrated liquid iron, and liquid iron plus potassium. The maximum concentrated liquid iron.

IronMax and IronMax +K

Award IronMax is a complex iron and Award IronMax +K is a complex iron combined with liquid potash. They contain “Rootbooster”, a unique bio-stimulant which will promote root hair and root mass.

Both are formulated with a brand-new surfactant to give rapid colour improvement to all turf surfaces, with the added benefits of short-term dew dispersal. They also contain six key ingredients which work in synergy to give outstanding results.


• 8% Fe Complex and Chelated iron formulation
• Rapid action
• Unique formulation including Rootbooster
• Effective in low soil temperatures
• No blackening of turf
• Can be taken up by both foliar and root modes of action

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A liquid iron formulated with advanced surfactant for use in the autumn and early spring for rapid greening up and hardening of turf. Fermos also has the added benefit of deterring moss.

Fermos is a complex of iron sulphate and unique surfactants that allow the iron to enter the plant rapidly, but without blackening the turf. Many difficult-to-control moss species have a very ‘tight’ structure so an effective surfactant allows penetration of the iron into the moss.

Where moss is present it will discolour over a period of a few days. If there is significant moss in the sward it is advisable to scarify or rake out the debris to allow the sward to regenerate and fill the gaps. The application of an autumn and winter fertiliser will further enhance the recovery of the grasses.


• Deters moss
• Gives rapid green up
• Harden's turf increasing tolerance to disease and cold stress
• Corrects iron deficiencies
• Reduces the surface pH helping to suppress casting worm activity
• Low application rates
• Economical to use

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A hard surface cleaner and moss killer.

Hard surfaces and artificial pitches can become colonised with algae, slimes, lichen, liverworts and moss, especially in shaded situations. These areas can become a safety hazard due to slippery surfaces, making sports activity particularly dangerous.

Cleanmax is a blend of organic acids and surfactants that loosen deposits and give good control of algae, liverwort, moss, and lichen. The rapid-acting formulation also ensures fast results. Cleanmax has HSE approval for use on all external hard surfaces.


• Will kill moss
• Cleans and removes algae
• Removes slimes and lichens
• Deters liverworts
• Concentrated formulation
• Brightens up concrete surfaces
• Reduces the risk of slippery surfaces and prevents accidents
• Low application rates
• Lower water rates needed than traditional hard surface cleaners
• Economical to use

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Turfxtra Accelerate

Speciality blend of penetrant wetting agent and microbial stimulant package, including trace elements and carbohydrates. Designed to regenerate the existing micro-organism populations, which in turn will aid the decomposition of organic matter (Thatch Layer). Will encourage new root growth by stimulating mycorrhizal fungi that live in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with the plant root system. Penetrant wetting agent will keep the playing surface firm and maintain correct air to water balance within the rootzone.


• Formulated all in one product – No part A & B tank mixing required
• Ideal partner to be tank mixed with other microbial products acts as a carrier into the rootzone
• Aids the recycling of nutrients which are unavailable to the plant within the organic matter
• Creates firm and consistent playing surfaces and maintains correct water to air ratio within the soil
• Encourages the natural break down of organic matter
• Can be used to alleviate the symptoms of black layer
• Situation led, flexible application rate

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Turfxtra Rhizoboost

The process of photosynthesis is how turf will obtain the carbon needed to support healthy growth, with reserves building in the soil from exudates that allow microbial life the energy source to thrive and increase their populations. In the environment of intensively managed turf, regular mowing lowers the photosynthetic capacity and reduces the turf plants’ carbon production potential, with larger amounts of carbon required for recovery.

The ability to optimise natural light for photosynthesis is further impacted by shade in the environments which many sports surfaces are managed.


• Acts as an excellent carbon food source and boosts the microbial population in the rootzone
• Increase in microbial population in the rootzone helps support nutrient availability to the turf
• Promotes root development for increased water uptake
• Increases supply of carbon in environments where this may be restricted due to shade or low heights of cut

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Diamond Spray

A premium quality concentrated line marking paint for use with spray or transfer wheel line markers. Provides excellent surface adhesion on both grass and artificial surfaces. Dilute up to 8:1, using stronger mixes earlier in the season and in wet conditions.


• Ideal for spray machines
• Bright lines
• Economic product
• Long-lasting lines
• PACK SIZE: 10 litre, 600 litre


Liquid formulation for use through any transfer wheel marker. Provides excellent economical performance. Can be used neat when the conditions dictate or dilute up to a maximum of 6:1.


• Economical
• Use in transfer wheel markers
• Bright lines
• PACK SIZE: 12.5 litre, 600 litre

Quickmark Aerosol

Economic line marking in an aerosol, which can be used on all types of surface quickly and efficiently. Available in a white, yellow, red, blue, green, black and orange.


• Economical
• Excellent quality
• Easy to use
• PACK SIZE: 750 ml

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