A hard surface cleaner and moss killer.

Cleanmax Overview

Hard surfaces and artificial pitches can become colonised with algae, slimes, lichen, liverworts and moss, especially in shaded situations. These areas can become a safety hazard due to slippery surfaces, making sports activity particularly dangerous.

Cleanmax is a blend of organic acids and surfactants that loosen deposits and gives good control of algae, liverwort and toadflax, together with moss, lichen and spleenwort. The rapid-acting formulation also ensures fast results. Cleanmax has HSE approval for use on all external hard surfaces.


• Will kill moss
• Cleans and removes algae
• Removes slimes and lichens
• Deters liverworts
• Concentrated formulation
• Brightens up concrete surfaces
• Reduces the risk of slippery surfaces and prevents accidents
• Low application rates
• Lower water rates needed than traditional hard surface cleaners
• Economical to use

Hard Surfaces & Artificial Sports Surfaces

Hard surfaces can become covered in algae, slime or moss, especially in shaded damp conditions resulting in slippery surfaces. Paths can particularly become very dangerous for pedestrian traffic as well as artificial sports surfaces such as tennis courts and astro turf games pitches.

Surfaces suitable to be treated with Cleanmax hard surface cleaner:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Tarmac
  • Block paving
  • Artificial sports surfaces
  • Metal / Aluminium frames
  • Glass panes


Pack Size: 5 LTR | Pack Coverage: 1000m2


Do not apply to marble or decorative limestone. Apply using spraying equipment when no rain
is expected and allow to dry thoroughly. If there is significant moss cover, the area may need to be brushed, hosed or pressure washed to remove dead vegetative matter after a couple of days.
• 50 litres per ha in 500 litres of water
• 5 litres per 1000 m2 in 50 litres of water
Where there is a heavy colonisation of vegetative matter, ensure that the areas are well-soaked to achieve complete penetration.
Keep pets and unprotected personnel off the treated areas until thoroughly dry, usually after 3–5 hours.

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