A range of advanced liquid and granularfertilisers with innovative additional benefits.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are required to produce a healthy plant and encourage deeper rooting. During times of stress e.g. heavy rainfall, anaerobic soil conditions, compacted soil, high salinity, frost, cold, heat and drought, there is a greater demand for amino acids.

The addition of supplemental amino acids (L-form) to the Nutri-Pro range of fertilisers help alleviate turf stress and provide a healthier, stronger plant.

Trace Element Package

A combination of all the necessary micro nutrients required for healthy turf has been added, including zinc, copper and manganese.

This provides increased leaf strength, improved rooting and an improved plant metabolism.

Bovey Basin Lignite

This unique freshwater source of lignite ensures there are no detrimental salt levels present, unlike other lignites produced from seawater sources. It contains over 13 trace elements, humic and fulvic acids which give support for microbial activity.

Lignite also provides a high Cat Ion Exchange Capacity (CEC) when compared to many soil amendments. It allows nutrients to be held for longer periods of time in the soil, enabling them to be fully utilised by the plant, therefore reducing loss by leaching.

Nutri-Pro Overview

Nutri-Pro Fineturf Range

The Nutri-Pro Fineturf range contains a combination of conventional release fertiliser with the addition of amino acids, trace elements and the unique Bovey Basin Lignite. The homogeneous 1-2 mm micro-granules each contain the same analysis, providing a uniform application and result.


• Advanced longevity and colour
• Increased nutrient performance
• Improves stress resistance and aids recovery
• Contains the necessary trace elements for healthy turf
• Prevents trace element deficiency
• Increased chlorophyll concentration leading to improved photosynthesis
• Will not produce growth flushes when applied
• Dust–free micro-granules for an accurate application

Fineturf Fertiliser Formulations


4-0-24 +2% Fe +3% MgO

Pack Size: 20Kg | Pack Coverage: 571-666m2
Rate m2: 30-35Kg (includes slow release potassium)


• Contains standard and slow release potassium for a consistent release
• Potassium acts as a base feed and iron will harden the turf
• The plant will be more tolerant during periods of stress
• Added magnesium enhances the colour and growth of the shoots


4-0-10 +10% Fe

Pack Size: 20Kg | Pack Coverage: 571-666m2
Rate m2: 30-35Kg


• Deters moss while strengthening the plant against disease
• Iron and lignite combination gives a quick green up over a longer period of time
• Good levels of potassium for periods of cooler temperatures
• Amino acids provide a quicker plant response in the early season

Nutri-Pro Organic


Pack Size: 20Kg | Pack Coverage: 571-666m2
Rate m2: 30-35Kg


• 100% Organic
• P&K Levels to replace loss through boxing off
• Promotes healthy root development
• Assist plant in avoiding abiotic stress
• Boosts microbial diversity within the rhizosphere


12-0-11 +2% Fe +3% MgO

Pack Size: 20Kg | Pack Coverage: 571-666m2
Rate m2: 30-35Kg


• A balanced NK formulation for when phosphate levels are adequate
• Amino acids produce a stronger more resilient plant during periods of summer stress
• Iron and potassium help wear and tear during the playing season
• Lignite prolongs the nutrient release

Nutri-Pro Kickstart

7-5-11 +6% Fe +6% Mg0 + TE

Pack Size: 20Kg | Pack Coverage: 571-666m2
Rate m2: 30-35Kg (includes slow release potassium)


• Nitrate and Ammoniacal N for low temperature response
• Excellent spring starter
• Iron and Magnesium for colour
• Micro Nutrient Package aids early season rooting

Nutri-Pro Turf Tonic

2.1-0-2.5 +3% Fe

Pack Size: 20Kg | Pack Coverage: 571-666m2
Rate m2: 30-35Kg


• Can be used all year round
• Excellent Turf Hardener against disease
• Deters Moss Ingression

Nutri-Pro Outfield Range

16-2-10 +2% Fe+ Methylene Urea

Pack Size: 20Kg | Pack Coverage: 571m2
Rate m2: 35Kg


• A slow release fertiliser for sustained uniform growth without any growth flushes
• Provides an extended release of up to three months
• Added iron ensures optimal turf colour

Nutri-Pro Fine Turf Charts | Avoncrop Amenity Products

Nutri-Pro Liquid

A range of advanced liquid fertilisers designed to provide precise nutrition with innovative additional benefits. Nutri-Pro liquids can be tank mixed to provide custom analysis if required.


• Rapid response with controlled release nutrient
• Contains amino acids to improve stress resistance
• Increased performance with leaf and root uptake
• Contains all necessary trace elements for healthy turf
• Phosphite helps strengthen against disease
• Encourages deeper, healthier rooting
• Increased chlorophyll concentration leading to improved photosynthesis
• Will not produce flushed growth when applied
• Range can be tank mixed to provide added benefits and analysis

Liquid Formulations


24-0-0 Plus


• Can be used on its own or tank mixed with other Award products (See the tank mixing compatibility chart)
• Provides a rapid green up with conventional and controlled release nitrogen
• Flexibility of application rates provides various analysis options


12-0-10 Plus


• Increased absorption and transportation of nutrients within the plant
• Applying amino acids saves the plant energy allowing it to photo synthesise normally even under stress conditions
• A NK formulation for when no phosphate is required


16-2-6 Plus


• An ideal balanced NPK fertiliser for use during the growing season
• Added phosphate provides increased root growth and a stronger leaf ensuring healthier grass
• Phosphite stimulates and further strengthens the plant


4-2-12 Plus


• Phosphite helps strengthen against disease and improve the ability to resist stress
• Amino acids help maintain growth and health of the plant at low temperatures
• Encourages seed germination and root development

Controlled release

Nitrogen contained within the formulation is a combination of conventional release nitrogen and controlled release Methylene Urea.

This provides a longer lasting performance which does not lose any of its immediate availability.

Amino acids

The amino acid supplements are designed to maximise the health of the turf plant during periods of turf stress. They help increase the rapid uptake of nutrients and ensure efficient utilisation.

Turf quality improves due to an increase in photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. The plant will also have an increased metabolism in early and late season making the plant work earlier at lower temperatures which will help in a cold spring when the different grass species grow at different rates.

Trace elements

Trace elements provide the plant with a range of important micro nutrients which help overcome any deficiencies found within the plant and increase the plants health e.g. root production and leaf strength.


Potassium phosphite is included in two of the formulations in the range, helping to increase the plants disease and stress resistance and provide a hardier plant.

Phosphite converts into a slow release form of phosphate which does not become locked up in high pH soils and helps promote increased root growth and a stronger leaf.

Nutri-Pro Liquid Chart | Avoncrop Amenity Products


Stand-Up 6% Silica (Si) +15% Soluble Potash (K2O)


• Increased ball roll and green speed
• Assists the removal of annual meadow grass seed heads
• Promotes vertical growth for improved cutting of uneven spring growth
• Height of cut can be raised due to increased ball speed during stress periods
• Ideal for tournament preparation, spray two to four days before start date for maximum results
• Reduces water loss during periods of dry weather
• Strengthens turf and enhances resiliency – ideal for high traffic areas
• Decreased susceptibility of plant to pests and diseases
• Produces higher levels of chlorophyll in the leaf tissue – allowing the plant to utilise higher and lower light levels


Application (Pack size 5 Ltr)


- Stand-up can be applied at 10 Ltr/Ha with a minimum water volume of 500 Ltr/Ha.
- The area treated by a 5 Ltr pack – 5000 m2.
- Stand-up can be tank mixed with the other Nutri-Pro liquid products to give the turf optimum benefits (see the tank mixing compatibility chart).

Effect of Amino Acids on Turf →

Amino acids increases photosynthesis which increases chlorophyll.

Amino acids increase chlorophyll giving a healthy green colour.

Improved resistance to stress such as heat, drought, frost, wear, salinity and disease.

Amino acids naturally chelate micro nutrients and increase transport into the plant.

Protein Synthesis amino acids are basic building blocks for proteins.

Improved soil micro flora which increases uptake of nutrients.

Increased root growth and root hairs in stressed turf.

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