A unique soil surfactant with the added benefit of increased stress resistance and root stimulation.


The blend of premium concentrated surfactants can be applied monthly to form strong lasting bonds with hydrophobic soil particles. Due to the improved concentration of the formulation, Osprey Active will still be 100% active after 30 days and by regularly applying at 30 day intervals, there are no peaks and troughs in performance.

This ensures the product is distributed uniformly within the soil profile and will provide the correct consistent moisture to air ratio in the rootzone.


By using a premium penetrant and re-wetting agents, Osprey Active offers unparalleled curative control of dry patch. The penetrant allows Osprey Active to move deep through the most repellent soils allowing the re-wetting agents to follow behind, ensuring the area remains receptive to water in the future.

Amino Acids

The concentrated formulation of surfactants allows for a full application of 18 L-form amino acids into Osprey Active. The addition of supplemental amino acids allows the plant to save energy during periods of stress and can function as normal.

By applying early in the season, it is possible to precondition the plant prior to any stress, allowing the plant to work more effectively at lower temperatures. The amino acids help increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant, leading to an increased level of photosynthesis; they also help the leaf stomata function more efficiently, reducing transpiration and plant water loss.

Osprey Active Overview

Osprey Active contains a surfactant blend designed to take both preventative and curative action. It also contains amino acids and rootbooster to further enhance performance.


• Concentrated soil surfactant with unparalleled curative and preventative properties
• Remains 100% active after 30 days, unlike other wetting agents which typically lose up to 20% of their effectiveness
• Applies a full application of amino acids to prevent stress associated with heat and drought
• Contains rootbooster to increase the plants water holding capacity
• Uniform wetting of the rootzone to provide the perfect balance of water to air ratio
• Increased rate of photosynthesis
• Improved seed germination, root development and vigour
• Ideal for links courses as amino acids will help the plant cope with salinity problems
• Exceptional turf safety, non-scorch
• Dew dispersal post application
• Tank mixing options available with the Award range (see the tank mixing compatibility chart)

Osprey Active

Fairy Ring


Fairy rings are common on all types of turf surfaces and symptoms are most noticeable during dry weather. They are caused by a fungal growth (mycelium) in the soil. This mycelium causes problems in turf as it is water repellent; soil through which a fairy ring has passed may also be rendered water repellent.

The most damaging type of fairy ring, which has zones of both stimulated and dead grass with mushrooms, is the Type 1 fairy ring. A Type 2 fairy ring has mushrooms but only the single zone of stimulated turf. Circles of mushrooms with no associated areas of fast-growing or dead grass are characteristic of a Type 3 fairy ring.

Osprey Active is a dynamic infiltration, new generation soil surfactant formulated from innovative linear surfactants. It is not a fungicide and has no direct effect on the fairy ring. It works by re-wetting the dry areas of turf colonised by fairy ring mycelium which promotes the grass plant to re-grow into areas previous affected by fairy ring and repair damage caused. By not allowing the soil to dry out and become hydrophobic, the surface symptoms and spread of fairy ring is reduced.

Osprey Active



A unique bio-stimulant which promotes the production of growth hormones, resulting in a significant increase in root hair development by up to 22% and thus increasing the absorption of water and other materials. Rootbooster works in conjunction with the amino acids to increase rootmass. By increasing a plants rootmass (water reservoir), the plant then has the ability to hold and store more water which is vital during periods of drought. This leads to a more drought resilient plant, which is also able to absorb greater quantities of nutrients from the soil and has increased wear tolerance over shallow rooting turf.

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Osprey Active Formulations

Osprey Active Plus

Pack Sizes:
5 Ltr Treats 2500 m2 | 20 Ltr Treats 1 Ha | 120 Ltr Treats 6 Ha | 200 Ltr Treats 10 Ha


Soil surfactants work most effectively when applied monthly. The programme should start early in the spring to precondition the plant and prior to any dry patch forming. This is achieved by applying 20 L/ha; a second application at the same rate should take place two weeks later to give maximum protection, followed by monthly applications.


At the earliest signs of stress apply at 20 L/ha and repeat every 7 to 10 days until the dry patch is cured. If possible it is advised to carry out aeration at the same time to further assist penetration. Once under control, treat monthly to prevent reoccurrence of the problem.

Osprey Active Granules

Pack Size:
15Kg | Pack Coverage: 750m2 | 200Kg per Ha


Ideal for use in either preventative or curative programmes on greens, tees, hollows, humps and banks. Apply using a conventional fertiliser spreader or by hand; spiking of the turf prior to application will enhance performance. Water after application to wash into the soil.

Osprey Active Hose End Tablets

Pack Size:
6 x 250gm tablets (1 tablet on average will treat 1500m2)


Formulated for use through hose end applicators, ideal for hand watering high spots or other areas prone to extreme stress.

Osprey Active Irrigation Tank Tablets

Pack Size:
1 x 3 Kg tablet


3 kg tablet per 2500 litre irrigation tank to treat approximately one hectare. Re-apply every two to three weeks during summer. Coverage is only a guide and is affected by water temperature flow rates and tank size.

Osprey Active Sport

Pack Size:
120 litres, 200 litres


Osprey Sport is a duel action water management product aimed at large area application. Its Block polymer base along with penetrant action enables it to cure and prevent hydrophobic soils. Allow application rate of 10 litres a hectare makes it extremely cost effective.

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