Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron 7.2%Fe+1.6Mg0+2%N

Liquid fertilizers with foliar and root uptake. The Greenmaster Liquid formulation allows quick foliar uptake and nutrient movement through the plant. Ideal for regular applications to all types of turf.

Effect Iron Fe

  • 6.3Fe
  • (6.3Fe)
  • Pack Size: 10ltr, 200ltr, 640ltr & 1000ltr

For use throughout the growing season. Gives green-up within 3 hours.

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Professional turf managers know the secrets of making turf appear in fantastic condition in all weathers and conditions in preparation for important tournaments – often at extremely short notice. Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron Fe, offers that boost, and has the added benefit of remaining active for a long time after the initial application. Effect Iron Fe can be used all year round and lasts up to six weeks between applications. Once applied, it avoids blackening from wheels or footprints which other inferior Iron-based fertilisers can cause, and also treats Iron chlorosis, avoiding unsightly yellowing of the leaves which can occur in poorer conditions.

  • Pack Size: 10ltr, 200ltr, 640ltr & 1000ltr
  • Application rate: 10-30ltr/ha

For use throughout the growing season. Gives green-up within 3 hours.


  • Foliar feeding is available at lower water rates 
  • Up to 6 weeks longevity 
  • Compatible with Sportsmaster WSF SeaMax, the Vitalnova range of biostimulants, H2Pro wetting agents, Primo Maxx II and other ICL products 


  • Formulation type: Liquid 
  • Technology: Conventional 
  • Typical turf response*: < 24 hours 
  • *depending on environmental factors 

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